About VHO: VHO call by the name of the virtual high-tech organization.

Virtual: see the ''project'' with another dimension to get feeling working in high tech: condition and more secure by our patent ''programing language'' and future visualizing.Organization: This programme helps to work in tranquility environment that help start working with safe mode feeling with few steps of security to get in the individual space room anti-spy protection 24/7.

Inside the spacious room work the team's professionals and manager.The manager sends a notification to inform every 3 hours about the project on his private room that is showing on the ''Monitors Control'' on the home page.s hard word system:

the manager is responsible for the project and must to be a master of development by VHO authorization.The library inside the room is organized by personal use.

The library is a data storage organized and secure files (text, password, images, documents) that are the must to use by the teams to build the project.On each file on the library can be public for the teams and can be private by password code for any professionals, manager,and Personal.